Stephen W. Oachs Photography

"Upon Reflection"

Nestled into the magnificent Snowmass Wilderness in Colorado, Maroon Lake gracefully reflects what are widely considered the most photographed peaks in North America...the "Fourteeners" known as the Maroon Bells.

The Maroon Bells are actually one mountain with two peaks. The South Maroon Peak is the 27th highest peak in Colorado, and North Maroon Peak is the 50th highest. The stunning Bells achieve their amazing color from their composition of ancient mudstone.

Even such a popularly photographed location can result in a fresh impression. This view was captured immediately after the skies released a dusting of snow on the Snowmass peaks, as if to warn of winter's coming. Maroon Lake serenely reflects back the richly detailed, pristine panorama, causing the scene to glow with a remarkable light fueled by the amazing autumn color of Colorado's Aspen groves and evergreen forests.



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